Városi Gábor

I was born on 10. December in Budapest.

My childhood was full of love from my parents with a lot of arts and literature.

I graduated from the Secondary School of Visual Arts as a student of Tölg-Molnár Zoltán. At the Hungarian University of Fine Arts master Kokas Ignác started to educate me.

After becoming a master I became an artist in painting and acquired a diploma in teaching in the area of histroy of art, esthetics and Pedagógy Methodology.

During my university years I visited Stockholm in the framework of a study trip.

My first independent exhibition in Paris was opened by my mentor Victor Vasarely when I was 22 years old.

Until the mid-2000s I had regular exhibitions featuring paintings, photos, and sculptures. I visited almost 80 countries, I consider myself to be a world citizen. I do not engage in politics. I believe in values that are independent from the actual power structure.

From the beginning of the 90s my interest turned towards contruction and interial design and as a result I directed over 15 property development projects as artistic consultant and as investor.

I consider buildings to be sculptures equipped with perfect funcions.